Ocean Radar (ACORN) Workshop 14-15 June 2012

The Workshop was held over two days at James Cook University, Townsville.  

The Workshop Review and Delegate Contact Details are available.

AGENDA – Ocean Radar Workshop 14-15 June 2012

DAY 1 – Thursday 14 June 2012






Paul Dirks, JCU &

Lyndon Llewellyn, AIMS



Lucy Wyatt, JCU/ACORN

Radar and ACORN

Introduction to oceanographic HF radar

Lucy Wyatt, JCU/ACORN


The development and design of ACORN

Mal Heron, JCU/ACORN


On the fidelity of HFSWR physics and its relevance to radar performance

Stuart Anderson, DSTO


WERA processing and quality control

Arnstein Prytz, JCU/ACORN


SeaSonde Quality Control: A First Approach

Dan Atwater, JCU/ACORN

Potential users/uses and data requirements

Ocean observations and the Royal Australian Navy

Jo Haynes, DOM/Navy


How ACORN data is shown on the IMOS OceanCurrent website

David Griffin, CSIRO


Cyclone wave modelling

Alex Babanin, Swinburne


Wave Statistics and Storm Waves on NSW Coast

Bob You, Coastal Science, Office of Environment & Heritage, Dept of Premier and Cabinet, NSW

News from the NODES

WA radar experiences

Chari Pattiaratchi, UWA

Day 2 – Friday 15 June 2012


BOM data interests

Boris Kelly-Gerreyn

News from the NODES

SAIMOS progress update

Paul Malthouse, SARDI


Wind climate in the southern GBR - local observations vs QuikSCAT and MesoLAPS

Jasmine Jaffrés, JCU


Radar-based tracking of pollutants/larvae in the Coral Sea

Ale Mantovanelli, JCU


2 months of radar data at Coffs Harbour

Moninya Roughan, UNSW


Preliminary proposal for HF Radar at the EAC separation zone

Iain Suthers, UNSW

How to access the data

The data portal

Sebastien Mancini, EMII/IMOS


Requirements for software tools, radar wish lists