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Ocean radar antenna in WA. Image credit: Paul Lethaby, UWA


IMOS welcomes Dr Simone Cosoli in his new role as Director of the Ocean Radar Facility

Dr Cosoli started in his new role as the Ocean Radar Facility Director at the University of Western Australia in August.

Since completing his PhD in Environmental science at the University of Venice in 2007 Dr Cosoli has been involved in research into the application and use of High Frequency (HF) radars.

“My research interests deal primarily with the application of HF radar measurements to coastal oceanography. More specifically, the validation of radar measurements and interpretation of "errors" or differences from other measurement techniques such as current meters or drifters, interpretation of the surface current maps and resolution of the temporal and spatial scales of motion, “ Dr Cosoli said.

“In my opinion, understanding the reliability and accuracy and - most important of all, the limitations - of HF radars are fundamental steps to their improvement and make the best use of the information that we collect. Once we know how reliable the measurements are, we can then do our best to improve the information we collect. This will allow us to use ocean radar data to study the connection between ocean physics and biological responses.”

“For example, currents contribute to the distribution of nutrients, which is particularly important for the efficient management of natural resources and fisheries.”

“Waves and currents influence coastal erosion; we can use data to drive engineering interventions aimed at solving these problems. The data is also important for ships and for search-and-rescue activities, we can intervene in case of accidents at sea and improve the response capabilities. “ 

"I am very happy to be joining the technical team and the support staff of the Ocean Radar Facility at UWA."

Before moving to Perth, Dr Cosoli was a researcher at the Department of Oceanography of the Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia in Trieste, Italy. He coordinated the HF radar activities in the Adriatic Sea and in the Central Mediterranean Sea - Sicily Channel, in collaboration with Italian and International partners from either Universities or research institutions.

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Dr Simone Cosoli