Ocean Radar Facility documentation

Quality Control Procedures

Quality Control Procedures for IMOS Ocean Radar. Manual Version 2.0. March 2019


These are unpublished reports on various aspects of the Ocean Radar Facility operations, data processing and applications.

Please note: Ocean Radar Facility is also known by its extended name the Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network (ACORN)

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2013-1 Preliminary report on Coffs Harbour HF radar wave data.

2013-2 Wind directions in South Australia

2014-1 Performance of the ACORN HF radar systems

2014-2 Error analysis for ACORN HF radars

2014-3 Proposal for QC of SeaSonde data

2014-4 The Capricorn Eddy and its potential impact on Fisheries - a quick look


General HF Radar papers relevant to currents.

General HF Radar papers relevant to waves.

General HF Radar papers relevant to winds