Ocean Radar Facility documentation


These are unpublished reports on various aspects of the Ocean Radar Facility operations, data processing and applications.

Please note: Ocean Radar Facility is also known by its extended name the Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network (ACORN)

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2013-1 Preliminary report on Coffs Harbour HF radar wave data.

2013-2 Wind directions in South Australia

2014-1 Performance of the ACORN HF radar systems

2014-2 Error analysis for ACORN HF radars

2014-3 Proposal for QC of SeaSonde data

2014-4 The Capricorn Eddy and its potential impact on Fisheries - a quick look


General HF Radar papers relevant to currents.

General HF Radar papers relevant to waves.

General HF Radar papers relevant to winds

  • Ocean Radar Facility Leader: Dr Simone Cosoli

T +61 8 6488 7314

M:  (+614) 04978060

email: simone.cosoli(at)uwa.edu.au

  • Ocean Radar Facility Technical Staff:

Technical Officer: Stuart deVos
Data Officer : Dr. Yasha Hetzel

Email: acorn-ecm(at)uwa.edu.au

The Ocean Radar Facility Publication Report - If you have any questions regarding the data, or corrections, or would like to add a publication or presentation that uses IMOS data please contact the IMOS office via email: publication(at)emii.org.au.

Your access to IMOS Ocean Radar data discovery and exploration is through the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal.