An ANFOG glider is presently east of Tasmania, travelling back and forth on a repeated transect line, monitoring changes in water properties.

The past two months have seen an ANFOG Seaglider traversing the East Australian Current and riding ocean eddies off the coast of Tasmania.

At opposite ends of Australia, ocean gliders are simulteneously flying missions in three oceans.

Recent ANFOG Seaglider trials at the Perth Canyon, 50km off the coast of Perth, have drawn to a successful close.

Since 20th January this year, an ocean glider from the ANFOG fleet has been soaring through the coastal waters of Western Australia.

At 5:30am CDST today, a glider from ANFOG's coastal fleet was retrieved after having successfully completed a 20-day mission.

At 11.00am EDST Tuesday 25th November unit109 (a.k.a.

The Oceans team, led by Paul Rose, began a series of underwater scientific expeditions to build a global picture of our seas. The series includes...

Prof Charitha Pattiaratchi, ANFOG Facility leader, is pleased to announce that the ANFOG team has successfully deployed a Slocum glider