NetCDF Ninja Software

NetCDF Ninja description

NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) data files contain a wealth of information that includes not only various kinds of scientific variables, but also useful information describing the data (e.g. unit of measurement, valid limits), instrumentation, quality control flags and their meanings, etc. However, because of the level of coding required to access the information, NetCDF files can be quite tricky to handle and time consuming to use for most researchers and lay people alike.

NetCDF Ninja serves to eliminate the complexity and allow users to effortlessly scrutinise all information in NetCDF files and even stealthily make small alterations or export the data in text format without using any knowledge of coding.


NetCDF Ninja is compatible with Macintosh as well as Windows computers and is freely available either as standalone software, or a handy Matlab app that users can install on their Matlab toolbar if they already have Matlab installed.

Standalone Software Installation Package

for Windows PC: (659 Mb)

for Mac computer: (511 Mb)

Matlab toolbar App

(if you have Matlab installed)

for Windows PC:

NetCDFNinja.mlappinstall (64 kb)

for Mac computer:

NetCDFNinja.mlappinstall (64 kb)

Users Manual

UsersManual_NetCDFNinja_v1.pdf (994 kb)

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