GLIDERSCOPE description

GLIDERSCOPE is an IMOS Ocean glider Facility Windows platform software package designed to allow users quick and easy visualisation of Ocean glider oceanographic data, via a convenient graphical user interface. In accordance to IMOS data file convention, Ocean glider data formats are based on NetCDF (Network Common Data Form). All of the scientific data are stored with appropriate quality control flags indicating the usability/validity of each data-entry. Although highly informational, NetCDF files can be quite daunting for those who are unfamiliar with the format, or lack the computing set-up to access the data.

By using the freely available GLIDERSCOPE software, all users will be able to read the NetCDF files, filter out the bad data and apply a variety of useful data graphical visualisation techniques to examine the data, e.g. using three/four-dimensional plots of water properties, interpolated contour charts, vertical profile plots, water properties comparison charts, etc. Users can easily choose and extract segments of data. Additionally, users can also export their data to text or NetCDF files for easy access in other applications.

There are currently three versions of GLIDERSCOPE V6:

  • Matlab APP version for computers with Matlab software installed (for both Windows & Mac)
  • Macintosh Standalone Installation
  • Windows Standalone Installation

Check the Gliderscope V6 Users Manual for detailed instructions on the installation and use of GLIDERSCOPE software. 



Installation packages

Matlab APP

Gliderscope.mlappinstall  (V6.3)  (2.2 MB) : for use with Matlab 2014b onwards

Gliderscope_pre_2014b.mlappinstall (V6.3) (2.1 MB) : for use with Matlab 2014a and previous versions

Standalone Software Packages

Windows 64-bits platforms:

GliderscopeV6_3_Win.exe  (555.1 MB)

Mac platforms:   (513.1 MB)

User's Manual

Users Manual GLIDERSCOPEv6.pdf  (2.2 MB)

Sample data

SAMPLE DATA NetCDF file (31.2 MB)


 Additional Information/Tutorial Files

Hanson, C., L.M. Woo, P.G. Thomson and C.B. Pattiaratchi (2016) Observing the ocean with gliders: Techniques for data visualization and analysis. Oceanography 30(2),

GLIDERSCOPE Tutorial Files (6 MB) for use with tutorial paper 'Observing the oceans with gliders: techniques for data visualisation and analysis'

Woo, M. and C. Pattiaratchi (2010) How the Capes current ends: an investigation of a west Australian coastal current using an autonomous ocean glider, Proceedings of the 15th Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas (PECS) conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 14-17 September 2010.


If you have any queries about GLIDERSCOPE (installation, files downloading, etc.), or feedback please do not hesitate to contact anfog-ecm(at)