Presently the Port Hacking 100m (PH100), Sydney 100m (SYD100), Sydney 140m (SYD140), Coffs Harbour 70m (CH070) and Coffs Harbour 100m (CH100) moorings consist of a bottom mounted TRDI 300 kHz ADCP and a string of Aquatech 520 temperature and temperature/pressure loggers at 8 m intervals through the water column. The line of thermistors is supported by a float, approximately 20 m below the surface. Below the sub-surface float at PH100 (and intermittently at SYD100) is a Wetlabs water quality meter (WQM) that consists of a SeaBird CTD, as well as measurements of fluorescence, and turbidity (Wetlabs FLNTU) and dissolved oxygen. The original Narooma moorings (Bateman Marine Park 90m and 120m (BMP090 and BMP120)) consisted of thermistor / pressure string only. However with the new deployment in Dec 2014, ADCPs were added to the BMP070 and BMP120 moorings. Temperature and velocity data are recorded at 5 min intervals while the WQM records 60 burst samples at a rate of 1 Hz, every 15 mins.

Instrumentation was added to the PH100 mooring in stages as the security of the site became trusted (it is located in a region of high marine traffic). Initially a t-string was deployed. A WQM was added in May 2010 at approximately 20 m below the surface, and a bottom mounted ADCP was added when additional funding was acquired in April 2011. This mooring is often augmented with a standalone surface float (for added security), which allows for the measurement of temperature immediately below the surface. Other than this the configuration was identical to that of the SYD100 mooring. Unfortunately the entire mooring was lost in May 2012 due to a suspected trawler strike but was replaced the same month 2012. 

The ORS details are:

  • Subsurface temperature string – water depth 67m. location (WGS84) : 33° 53.610’ S, 151° 18.880’ E. String rises to within 15m of the surface
  • Subsurface current meter - water depth 67m. location (WGS84) : 33° 53.670’ S, 151° 18.870’ E. Current meter sits 0.5m above the seabed and is connected to the temperature string by a 100m ground line resting on the seabed.
  • Surface marker buoy – water depth 70m. location (WGS84) : 33° 53.640’ S, 151° 19.000’ E. Anchored to the seabed.

Only 1 WQM currently deployed on PH100 at 15m depth. First deployed 04/05/2010 (Dpl06) at 24m below surface. Moved to 15m below on 30/03/2011 when the mooring was extended to account for the 110m depth it is in, not 100m.

2nd WQM had been deployed at SYD100, 26m below surface from 22/12/2009 (Dpl15) through to 14/04/2011 (Dpl23).

BMP was removed after deployment 15, 09/04/2015 à 10/11/2014 at which point BMP070 was added as a t-string, BMP090 was an ADCP only, and BMP120 is ADCP & T. Currently BMP070 is ADCP & T, BMP090 is a T and BMP120 is an ADCP & T.