The Coffs Harbour mooring pair were deployed in August 2009 in the Solitary Island Marine Park at 70m and 100m (CH070 and CH100) good data is available from 2010 onwards.

The Ocean Reference Station (ORS065) mooring has been maintained by partner Sydney Water Corportation since 1989 and the data is provided to IMOS as an in kind contribution to the program. The first of the IMOS moorings (SYD100 and SYD140) were deployed in June 2008. In November 2009 an additional mooring was deployed off Port Hacking (PH100), while the final mooring pair was deployed off Narooma in the Batemans Marine Park (BMP090 and BMP120) in March 2011. The Batemans Marine Park mooring pair were removed for a brief period in 2014 after a consolidation of regional moorings.  However, 2 new moorings have been deployed of Narooma in BMP070 and BMP120 through co-investment from Bega Valley Shire Council.

Details of NSW-IMOS mooring sites

Platform Code Latitude S Longitude E Depth (m) Dist from shore (km) Date Deployed
CH070 30°17.00’ 153°17.91’ 70 15 15 Aug 2009
CH100 30°16.07’ 153°23.80’ 100 22.2 15 Aug 2009
ORS065* 33°53.88’ 151°18.9’ 65 2.1 29 May 2008
SYD100 33°56.63’ 151°23.03’ 100 9.9 25 Jun 2008
SYD140 34°00.08’ 151°27.92’ 140 19 25 Jun 2008
PH100 34°06.98’ 151°13.14’ 100 6.1 29 Oct 2009
BMP090 36°11.5’ 150°14.0’ 90 8.9 30 Mar 2011
BMP120 36°12.09’ 150°18.50’ 120 16.1 30 Mar 2011

Details of NSW-IMOS mooring sites, position, depth, distance from the shore and deployment date. *- ORS065is maintained under contract for Sydney Water Corp. since 1989, and has been included as an in-kind contribution to IMOS since 29 May 2008. Percent coverage is calculated based on the temperature records and considers the number of thermistors in the vertical and the temporal sampling interval.


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