Great Barrier Reef Genomic Database

What is Great Barrier Reef Genomic Database?

The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) Genomic Database sets to establish a searchable database of 10 000 microbial genomes, transcriptomic and associated environmental data from samples collected within the Great Barrier Reef. Microorganisms play a fundamental role in the functioning and stability of coral reefs and often first to respond to changes in the environment.

With coral reefs becoming increasingly threatened by localised impacts including declining water quality, increased recreational use and pressures from climate change, shifts in the composition and function of microbial communities can provide crucial diagnostic information to the extent of these impacts. Microbial sampling of both seawater and sediments from 50 sites across the Great Barrier Reef will provide the first comprehensive open access repository of microbial genomic data from the region.

The Great Barrier Reef Microbial Genomic Database sub-facility is funded by the Department of Environment and Science, Queensland.

Key Data Streams

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