Marine Microbiome Initiative

The Marine Microbiome Initiative is a new IMOS Facility that will manage our participation in the Australian Microbiome Initiative.

The Australian Microbiome Initiative is a nationally inclusive program is supported by Bioplatforms Australia and IMOS through the Australian Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), Parks Australia through the Bush Blitz program funded by the Australian Government and BHP, and CSIRO.

The initiative uses a time series of microbial data sampled each month and at different depths at the IMOS National Reference Stations. These stations are located at seven sites around Australia’s coastline and positioned to cover different geographic and environmental regions. In addition to marine water sampling and analysis, IMOS is making new investments in DNA extraction and bioinformatics.

Marine Microbiome Initiative Facility Leader: Jodie Van De Kamp

email: Jodie.Vandekamp(at)