Deep Water Moorings

What are Deep Water Moorings?

Deep water moorings provide high-quality, high-resolution in-situ information regarding the physical environment in which they are deployed. Unlike when instruments are deployed from research vessels, deep water moorings continuously collect data over long periods of time, providing long-term information about temporal patterns in oceanographic and biological conditions. Depending on location, each of the IMOS deep water moorings is equipped with particular instrumentation to measure desired variables and to cope with local conditions.

The IMOS deep water moorings provide data that can track multi-decadal ocean change, predict regional and marine impacts, improve the understanding of the modes and drivers of climate variability in the Australian region, improve the capacity to predict ocean currents, and discover the links between ocean and climate variability, marine chemical cycling and ecosystem structure and function.

The IMOS Deep Water Moorings Facility is comprised of a number of moorings located in Antarctica, sub-Antarctic, sub-tropical and tropical open waters around Australia. The Deep Water Moorings Facility consists of two different sub-facilities.




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