The IMOS AUV on a recent voyage in the Beagle Commonwealth Marine Reserve. Image: Asher Flatt


Enhancements made to the Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) Images Viewer

The AUV Viewer is a tool designed to view images from the IMOS Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Facility.  The vehicles produce a precisely navigated time series of sea-floor images.  The viewer sorts and displays a selection of the images upon a mouse click on a track map.

Some exciting enhancements were recently made to the viewer and released into the production environment this week.  These were based upon user feedback as well as AODN Project Officer input.

  • Previously when a multi directional track was selected, the display defaulted to the centre of the geographic bounds (See Fig. 1), which resulted on occasion in a display zoomed to open water not on any track (track was discoverable by zooming out).  Now, the default display of the track is a central display around the start location (See Fig. 2).
  • Secondly, tracks provided no visual indication of the depth variable, this was only obtained by a click on the map.  Now tracks are colour coded representing depth ranging from 10m through to 80m and beyond, the link to the legend is provided below the track window (See Fig. 3).  This now provides easy depth recognition, for track segment selection.  Further information is provided within each image caption, after a point selection is made on the track.

The backend database carries additional information, which if utilised could further enhance user experience of the viewer, watch this space!

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Figure 1. The display default of a track before the enhancement.

Figure 2. The display default of a track after the enhancement.

Figure 3. A multi directional track with various depth colourations and the legend popup open.