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User-friendly interface of the AODN Data Submission Tool


New AODN Data Submission Tool (DaST) has been released which simplifies the creation of metadata records for submission to both the AODN catalogue and AODN Portal.

AODN Metadata Entry Tool

The simplification of metadata submission has been identified as a key factor to encourage users to create and submit their own metadata.  The use of software tools such as GeoNetwork is commonly understood to be a factor limiting the creation of metadata due to the complexity of the tools and the understanding required to use them.  The mandatory submission of data and associated metadata is becoming a more commonplace occurrence, and simplifying the submission process will help to make the experience more enjoyable and achievable.


The AODN has previously advocated ANZMETLite, a metadata entry tool that runs under windows with a wizard user interface, designed to connect with GeoNetwork.  The new AODN metadata tool provides a more intuitive user interface that is online, and allows users to submit associated files or data files as part of their submission.  Users are provided with a personalised dashboard, which allows for management of all draft, submitted and uploaded metadata records.


Users are able to access the tool via this URL:, or it can be accessed from the IMOS Website.  A help guide is available to aid users in metadata creation, as well as providing steps on how to complete a compliant metadata record that can be submitted to the AODN metadata catalogue, and where possible be published on the AODN Portal.


The AODN would like to acknowledge initial development of this tool by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), and the subsequent work, co-funded by Research Data Services (RDS), to make it applicable to the AODN catalogue and AODN Portal.  Software development was completed by Condense.





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