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AODN Portal software release testing

User Interface testing in the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) office is conducted in line with the cycle of the SCRUM methodology employed by the AODN Development team.  This is usually a fortnightly cycle called an iteration, commencing with a planning meeting in which the work for the cycle is selected and discussed. The number one priority each iteration is the test and release of the latest version of software.  The team releases the completed work of the previous cycle into a testing environment and informs the AODN Test Analyst. That work is then thoroughly tested to ensure there are no bugs/issues with the functionality of the AODN Portal.  Approximately 300 test cases stored in Testrail, a test management system, are checked.  Cases cover the full Portal functionality. 

If issues are found, they are raised as bugs and triaged according to urgency for resolution.  If they are small and will not significantly affect the functioning of the AODN Portal then they are allocated to the next iteration of work.  Testing will cease if bugs that break crucial components of the AODN Portal or inhibit data availability are identified until the issue is resolved. A new test run is commenced once bugs are fixed to ensure full test coverage.

Until recently new test cases were added to Testrail for each new AODN Portal feature.  The AODN development team are writing new tests into the automated software-testing framework Selenium, which complements the manual regression testing.

Once the test run is complete and any identified issues signed off, the new work is then released into the production AODN Portal, this cycle is repeated each iteration.  For further information on how the AODN uses the SCRUM Methodology see this article.

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