As of June 2018 the AODN has ceased publication and distribution of the AODN Newsletter.  All AODN updates including the progress of current projects, AODN activities and collaborations, past and upcoming events and new data available through the AODN Portal will now be published via the IMOS Bulletin and IMOS Marine Matters

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AODN Community Engagement - January 2018

Presentations and Meetings

  •  SCRUM process review, Visitor, 23 January 2018

 The AODN development team welcomed an observer into their fortnightly planning session mid- January. Lucy Robinson from CCAMLR who has recently undertaken SCRUM training - a process employed by the AODN office - sat in with the team to get a glimpse into how SCRUM works in a business environment.   

See more about the AODN’s use of SCRUM

  • Helpdesk, Queries, January 2018

 The first month of the year –January saw 3 queries come through the AODN Helpdesk, one was an update request for a facility webpage which was forwarded to the IMOS office who manage those particular pages; another was for a data request and the third for acronym clarification.

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