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AODN Community Engagement - February 2018

Presentations and Meetings

  •  Possible linkages between IMOS and Zoatrack, Meeting, 01 February 2018

 Staff members of the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) met with Hamish Holewa (Chief Operating Officer of the Atlas Living Australia (ALA)) and Peggy Newman (responsible for Zoatrack for the ALA) to discuss possible collaboration on the management of bio-logging data (e.g. seals, turtles, etc.).

  • Parks Australia Science Atlas linkage with the AODN, Meeting, 07 February 2018

 Roger Proctor met with Nyssa Brunk and David Logan at Parks Australia in Kingston to discuss linkage between the AODN and the Parks Australia Science Atlas; resulting text and pictures was agreed between Roger, Marian (from the IMOS Office) and Nyssa.

  • Turtle data viewer – scoping discussions, Meeting, 14 February 2018

 Roger Proctor and Sebastien Mancini had discussion with Karen Arthur at the Department of Environment about developing a turtle data viewer, with connections to the Research Data Cloud (RDC) national turtle database development.  Further information will be available as the RDC project develops.

  • Imagery annotation tools, Meeting, 23 February 2018

 Roger Proctor had discussion with Brian Schlining (Monterey Bay Aquarium, MBARI) about imagery annotation tools; Brian, a developer of VARS (, has been a visiting CSIRO Frohlich Fellow.  

  • Integration of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) data into the AODN Portal, Meeting, 28 February 2018

 Sebastien Mancini from the AODN met with Kevin MacKay from NIWA to discuss the integration of NIWA data into the AODN Portal. Ten dataset collections are currently available through the NZODN Portal but not yet available through the AODN Portal. Different options to handle new data types like for example glider data, oceanographic model output, Continuous Plankton Recorder data were also discussed in order to grow the available NIWA collection.

  • Helpdesk, Queries, February 2018

 February was busy for the helpdesk with 8 enquiries, as always a wide range of queries were investigated. These even included one of our own when we noted a spike in usage for the IMOS OceanCurrent site over a couple of days and conferred with our contact at OceanCurrent, who advised it was a busy fishing period.

Other queries received were a request for an explanation of attributes for a dataset, how to cite data, how to download a whole data collection, and a possible broken link.

We also had some really positive feedback from a user who first reported an issue with a stall in data updates. Here’s what he had to say –

 “Rather than only receiving a “complaint” re a hiccup in the ongoing provision of data, please be aware that the product that is routinely produced is absolutely amazing from my point of view. A small investigation I have been undertaking on tropical marine fish in my area has come alive with the provision of this data, once I became aware it was available.”

As data usage ramps up and the helpdesk gets more enquiries, it is worth noting that although we can (and are more than happy to) offer assistance over the phone, the most efficient form of contact is via email to info(at)

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