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The AODN periodically publishes newsletters which contain updates on progress of current projects, AODN activities and collaborations, past and upcoming events and new data that are available through the Portal.

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May 2017 – Presentations and Meetings

AODN Portal users are now able to download data in the form of shapefiles.

April 2017 – Presentations and Meetings

Workshop brings together marine data experts from the EU, USA and Australia in Australia for the second time as part of the ODIP project.

In March an AODN staff member traveled to Geelong to help set up the AODN stack.

March 2017 – Presentations and Meetings

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere has volunteered to be the custodian for the AODN Geographic Extents Vocabulary

The broader benefits of sustained ocean observing and open data access have been highlighted in the 2016 State of Environment (SoE) Report.

February 2017 – Presentations and Meetings

The IMOS National Reference Station (NRS) network provides baseline information required to understand how large-scale, long-term change and...