As of June 2018 the AODN has ceased publication and distribution of the AODN Newsletter.  All AODN updates including the progress of current projects, AODN activities and collaborations, past and upcoming events and new data available through the AODN Portal will now be published via the IMOS Bulletin and IMOS Marine Matters

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Lately there have been a few additions and updates to data in the AODN. 

New Data:  A new collection of SOOP_CO2 data collected in near -realtime is...

Collaboration between IMOS and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) of New Zealand has resulted in the NZODN Portal.

Recently the AODN was informed of an issue with the wireless sensor networks data collection (

Presentations and Meetings

Until recently most organisations ran their IT systems on dedicated hardware in data centres, which may have been on premises or maintained by...

The IMOS MATLAB Toolbox aims to provide an automated, easy to use interface for converting raw instrument data into IMOS compatible Quality Controlled...

The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal is the main discovery and access point for marine data published by AODN contributors.  However, did...

OEH recounts their experience of submitting data to the AODN

September - Presentations and Meetings