7th National IMOS Animal Tracking Workshop

4th International Fish Telemetry Conference, Cairns, 19-23 June 2017

On the occasion of the 4th International Fish Telemetry Conference to be held in Cairns, we will be running our 7th Annual IMOS Animal Tracking Workshop on Sat, 17 June 2017.

As always, the workshop will bring together a wide range of acoustic telemetry users from academia, government and industry, from both Australia and abroad. This Workshop will incorporate first-hand news and improvements in acoustic telemetry equipment, tuition regarding maintenance of acoustic telemetry equipment, information on data visualisation products, and a chance to discuss those with the IMOS Animal Tracking Facility team and other members of the community. Further, we will have information and training sessions regarding the IMOS Animal Tracking Database and the IMOS Ocean Data Portal.

Registration details will be posted ASAP. For questions, contact: fabrice.jaine(at)sims.org.au


Past Workshops

6th Workshop: 5 July 2016, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD - as part of the Society of Conservation Biology Conference


5th Workshop: 15 October 2015, University of Technology, Sydney, NSW - as part of the Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference


4th Workshop: 13-15 November 2013, University of Queensland, Brisbane, and Moreton Bay Research Station, Stradbroke Island, 43 participants



3rd Workshop: 19 July 2012, University of Adelaide, SA


2nd Workshop: 2-4 November 2009, Sydney Institute of Marine Science, NSW



1st Workshop: 21-23 November 2007, Sydney Institute of Marine Science, NSW

  • Animal Tracking Facility Leader : Prof. Robert Harcourt

ph: (+61 2) 9850 7970

  • Animal Tracking Facility’s Scientific Officer : Dr Fabrice Jaine

ph:+61 2 9435 4644 T

Your access to IMOS Animal Tracking data discovery and exploration is through the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal.