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Receiver Pool

The Animal Tracking Facility has a number of Vemco VR2W acoustic receivers available for loan for a period of up to 12 months. These units are made available to help establish studies in new regions and allow researchers to collect preliminary data that can be used to form the basis of funding applications to establish more permanent acoustic receiver arrays. Applications must follow IMOS guidelines and principles (see Data page) and as such are restricted to marine regions (thus excluding estuary and enclosed bay regions).



To apply for the IMOS Animal Tracking Acoustic Receiver Loan program, candidates will need to complete the Receiver Pool Application Form, and email it to the Animal Tracking Facility’s Science Coordinator & Data Manager (Dr Fabrice Jaine) along with a current CV by 31st of March 2019, 5pm AEST. Late applications will not be accepted. Applications will be assessed by members of the Animal Tracking Facility Scientific Committee and IMOS by the 15th of April 2019, with successful applicants being notified immediately and receivers made available by late April 2019.

Evaluation criteria can be found here.

Successful applicants will be required to provide one mid-term report on the progress of the project and one final report within three months of project completion (report template can be found here).

The IMOS Animal Tracking Facility must be acknowledged by the successful applicant in all lectures, presentations, displays, and published materials concerning the project.

Successful applicants are liable for damage to or loss of receivers. All damaged or lost receivers will have to be repaired and/or replaced at the applicant’s expense. Successful applicants must guarantee that funds are available if required (receiver costs being at least AU$1,500 each). For more details see the full Terms and Conditions.


For further information or queries regarding the application and assessment process, please contact:

Dr Fabrice Jaine

IMOS Animal Tracking Facility - Scientific Officer



Embargo Extensions

To extend embargos when notification is received one month prior to the current expiry please complete the Application Form for Embargo Extension. Please return all completed forms to aatams_data_committee(at)

The IMOS Animal Tracking - Tag Embargo Policy document can be found here.


Protected Data Status

The Animal Tracking Facility implemented a supplement regarding its Data Policy. For details refer to the Animal Tracking Facility’s Protected Data Policy.

Complete the Protected Data Application Form to apply for protected data status and send to aatams_data_committee(at)


  • Animal Tracking Facility Leader : Prof. Robert Harcourt

ph: (+61 2) 9850 7970

  • Animal Tracking Facility’s Scientific Officer : Dr Fabrice Jaine

ph:+61 2 9435 4644 T

Your access to IMOS Animal Tracking data discovery and exploration is through the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal.