Biologging Data Exchange Standard

Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Contribution

Bio-telemetry constitutes a powerful technology for ecologists to collect remotely unprecedented insights into animal movement behaviour, social interactions, and physical environment. While the technology is now mature, managing and sharing biologging data remains an ad-hoc process for individual researchers and organisations due to the multiplicity of tag manufacturers and the absence of a common data format as opposed to the Argo program for instance.

A working group was established three years ago to address this issue. One of the working group members, Xavier Hoenner of the AODN, contributed recently towards a common, database-oriented, storage and sharing solution for archival, acoustic, and satellite tagging data and metadata. Attached is a schematic representation of the database structure and content, with metadata, monitoring, and data tables shown in the green, orange, and red dashed rectangle respectively. 

Following the last working group meeting in June 2017, Xavier has made several changes to the biologging data exchange standard to meet the requirements of the animal telemetry community. Including -

• Tag re-programming between consecutive deployments are now possible,

• Devices with multiple features (i.e. sensors, transmission types) can now be registered, and

• Devices deployed on fixed (e.g. mooring) or mobile platforms (e.g. AUV, glider) can now be registered.

All the code and documents related to this project are available on GitHub: The working group will continue discussions in preparation of the upcoming Biologging 6 symposium and the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) International Data Management Committee meeting in mid-October 2017.

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