On the 12th and 13th of February 09 AATAMS data committee convened in Hobart to discuss data policy and data management for the AATAMS community.

AATAMS and Fisheries Western Australia recently deployed the first International Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) array in the world. This line runs from...

Seven juvenile white sharks were fitted with electronic tags near Port Stephens, NSW, in late October 2008 as part of research aiming to better...

The South Australian AATAMS receivers were recently deployed off Glenelg, Adelaide

Deep-sea sharks have been tagged and tracked using acoustic telemetry to test the conservation value of areas closed to commercial fishing

AATAMS will be supporting several projects through the loan of a VR100 and directional hydrophone.

Cyclone Nicholas hit the Ningaloo Reef coast where AATAMS receivers were deployed.