This discovery was facilitated by use of data from the network of acoustic receivers around the coast of Australia deployed as part of the IMOS Animal...

IMOS data has contributed to a database of hydrographic profiles from tagged elephant seals in the Southern Indian Ocean.

Climate driven changes in the East Australian Current and their influence on the ecology and distribution of pelagic fish.

The Southern Ocean is one of the most important, yet least observed of marine habitats. Connecting all the world’s oceans through the Antarctic...

A fourth, new outflow of the Antarctic Bottom Water outflow into the world's oceans has been discovered, thanks to seals.

13-15 November 2013

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Sensor-equipped southern elephant seals have helped scientists to discover a key source of cold water that helps to regulate the Earth’s climate.

Research by Professor Mark Hindell and Dr Guy Williams is featured in this story, looking at the behavior of the seals with the changing oceanic...

The collaboration between IMOS and the Canadian Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) will be launched today at the High Commission of Canada in Canberra.