Delayed Mode Data


To access information about quality controlled (Delayed Mode) Australian Argo data see:


The Delayed Mode data stream has been subject to an internationally standarised and rigorous quality control procedure by oceanographic experts. Sensors are checked and adjusted for drift in pressure and salinity by comparison with ship-based hydrographic data. These adjustments are made to the data and populated in the “adjusted’ variable.  The Delayed Mode files are idenitified by a “D” prefix to the filename (i.e. In each netcdf file the basic profile data is available in “raw” form as reported by the float (PRES, TEMP, PSAL) and in a “delayed mode” or “adjusted”  form (PRES_ADJUSTED, TEMP_ADJUSTED and PSAL_ADJUSTED) which is the highly quality controlled version. It is recommended that irrespective of whether the Real-time “R” or Delayed Mode “D” files are selected, that users always work with the PARAM_ADJUSTED variables and check the corresponding QC flags for each parameter (i.e. PRES_ADJUSTED_QC, TEMP_ADJUSTED_QC, PSAL_ADJUSTED_QC).