IMOS Marine Data and Science e-lectures

IMOS, in collaboration with the University of Tasmania, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies and the Australian Institute of Marine Science have developed an open online course designed to provide skills in using and interoperating IMOS open data. The e-lecture series are designed to be topic-specific, providing a hands-on approach to learning by using real datasets, taught by experts.

By the end of the course;

  1. You will know the basics of ocean primary productivity/ ocean carbon cycle/ ocean acidification.
  2. You will be able to explain which processes are involved in primary productivity/carbon cycle/ocean acidification, how it is measured and why it is important.
  3. You will learn different methods of ocean observing including in situ and remote sensing and how these observations can be used.
  4. You will gain knowledge of the advantages of open data and know where to find ocean data through the Australian Ocean Data Network or other databases and how to access these datasets.
  5. You will gain experience on how to analyse and interpret the data with options given on coding languages to achieve this. The data laboratories are developed in Matlab and either in R or Python, or both.