IMOS Data Tools

All IMOS data can be discovered, accessed and downloaded via the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal.

In order to make specialised data more usable to a wider audience, the AODN staff and Facilities have developed a number of data tools over the years. 

For each IMOS Facility (where applicable), brief descriptions of these data tools are provided below, along with relevant links.

Data Discovery and Access Tools

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 

AUV Images Viewer

Sorts AUV images and displays a selection of them upon a mouse-click on a track diagram.

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National Mooring Network

The Acoustic Data Viewer

Access to data plots of raw sound recordings from the Passive Acoustic Observatories Moorings.

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Animal Tracking

Animal Tracking Database

Stores animal movement data collected by a wide group of collaborators using acoustic tagging technology.

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Ocean Gliders


Software package designed to allow quick and easy visualisation of glider data stored in NetCDF files.



NetCDF Ninja

Software package for quick access to / editing of all NetCDF files.

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Australian Ocean Data Network

AODN Metadata Entry Tool

Online tool for the submission of metadata and data to the AODN metadata catalogue, and where possible the AODN Portal

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Data Processing Tools and Products

Ocean Data View

Ocean Data View (ODV) is a program designed for the interactive graphical display of oceanographic data. The software is freely available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and UNIX systems. To download ODV you must register for free on the website (go to the ‘Software’ tab). Different types of graphs can be produced including: time series, profiles and maps of water temperature, salinity, current velocity and chlorophyll-a concentration. ODV also enables you to estimate derived variables such as potential density, dynamic height and the Brunt-Vaisala frequency.

Download the Ocean Data View Manual v1.3.

Prepared by the Coastal and Regional Oceanography Lab at UNSW.

Plankton 2015 - State of Australia's oceans

Plankton 2015 is an assessment of the state of the oceans around Australia using plankton as indicators of ecological change.

The Plankton 2015 report from CSIRO and based on data from the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) looks at why plankton are important to the health of our oceans and Australia’s future prosperity.

Download Plankton 2015 (PDF 8MB).

Using NetCDF files and the IMOS User Code Library

Most IMOS datasets are stored as NetCDF files, which can be viewed or manipulated in various environments. The AODN staff have compiled and maintain a user code library to assist in analysing these data. The library includes examples in MATLAB, R, and Python.

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NB: Regardless of storage format, many IMOS datasets are available as csv files through the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal.

Satellite Remote Sensing 

The "Accessing IMOS Satellite Data and Converting into CSV Format Report" provides a simple, easy-to-use process, using the open source tool Panoply, for visualising IMOS satellite imagery and extracting small subsets of data to .csv files.

Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) data:

  • MATLAB GHRSST level 3 generic satellite SST reading routines: L3 (see here)
  • IDL IMOS-GHRSST level 3 NOAA satellite SST reading routines: L3 (see here)
  • More information on the IMOS-GHRSST level 3 NOAA satellite SST files and how to use them


The IMOS ViewR is a web application developed by Dirk Slawinski of CSIRO Perth (WA), with the Shiny R package which allows plotting and downloading data from the IMOS National Mooring Network Facility.

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NB: This data is available through the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal

CHORUS (processing and analysis of sea noise data)

CHORUS is software for processing and analysis of sea noise data, including the IMOS passive acoustic data. The archive to be downloaded also contains a User’s Manual and a Single User Licence Agreement. Note, the software is downloaded from the 'Products' menu on the left.