IMOS Summary Data Reports

The IMOS data holding, currently available via the portal, is detailed in a suite of reports generated by AODN staff on a monthly basis.

The summary reports, for the current period, can be downloaded directly below.


AODN Portal

Your access to IMOS data discovery and exploration is through the AODN Portal.

October 2019

Argo Floats

Ships of opportunity*

Deep Water Moorings

Ocean Gliders

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

National Mooring Network*

National Mooring Network - Passive Acoustics

National Mooring Network - BioGeoChemical

National Mooring Network - Real-time

Ocean Radar - Radials

Ocean Radar - Hourly Vectors

Animal Tracking - Acoustic Tracking (Projects)

Animal Tracking - Acoustic Tracking (Species)

Animal Tracking - Satellite Tracking

Animal Tracking - Biologging

Wireless Sensor Networks*

Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS)


*Review historical data report issues.