SSTs Over and Around Reefs (SOAR) Workshop

August 27-31, 2018, Townsville, Queensland, Australia

The need to understand and improve Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data products in complex shallow-water coastal and coral reef regions has never been greater. Following the recent global bleaching events from 2014-2017, the Australian institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and NOAA Coral Reef Watch are co-hosting this workshop to plan the development of improved methodologies for satellite SST retrieval algorithms that will meet the needs of coral reef scientific and management communities.
The by-invitation workshop will be held over five days: August 27-31, 2018 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The goals of the workshop are to:
facilitate an understanding of end-user problems to the product and algorithm developers;
help the users understand the current set of solutions available;
stimulate discussions that will lead to improvements in algorithm development of more suitable SST products for the broader coral reef user community.
Further information:
Craig Steinberg – Team Leader, Oceanography and Shelf Processes (07) 4753 4345 M +61 (0) 418 248 067

William Skirving – Coral Reef Watch, NOAA  +61 (0) 404 893 406
Workshop agenda
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