ACOMO 2016 Agenda

11th October 2016


Arrival, registration and coffee





Theme Boundary Currents (Chair: Moninya Roughan)


Chris Edwards

Keynote: Fully Coupled Biogeochemical/Physical Ocean Data Assimilation



Moninya Roughan, Colette Kerry, Shivanesh Rao, Nina Ribbat, Carlos Rocha, Paulina Cetina Heredia, Amandine Schaeffer, Brian Powell

Modelling and Observing the East Australian Current System and its impacts on shelf circulation, Lagrangian transport and biogeochemistry

Abstract     Presentation    


John Middleton, David Griffin, John Luick and Mike Herzfeld

Hydrodynamic Modelling of the circulation in the Great Australian Bight

Abstract     Presentation


Gregory Ivey, Jeff Book, Richard Brinkman, Cynthia Bluteau, Alexis Espinosa, Nicole Jones, Sam Kelly, Ryan Lowe, Matt Rayson, Tao Xu, Zhenlin


Sub-mesoscale dynamics on the Australian North West Shelf (NWS) from Ningaloo to the Kimberley

Abstract     Presentation


Ivica Janekovic, Charitha Pattiaratchi and Badema Grcic

Colette Kerry, Moninya Roughan, Brian Powell  and Peter Oke 

Predicting the ocean and continental shelf dynamics off Southeastern and central Western Australia using advanced ROMS capabilities

Abstract     Presentation


Tatiana Rykova and Peter Oke

Merging of East Australian Current eddies observed by Argo float

Abstract     Presentation




 Hugo Oliveira, John Middleton, Peter Oke, Richard Coleman

The Upwelling circulation along the shelves of the Great Australian Bight: Idealized simulations and the role of banks and valleys.



Amandine Schaeffer, Simone Cosoli, Anthony Gramoulle, Ivica Janekovic, Alessandra Mantovanelli, Hrvoje Mihanovic , Charitha Pattiaratchi, Jennifer Penton, Moninya Roughan

Submesoscale eddies observed by HF radars along the East Australian Current and the Rottnest continental shelf

Abstract     Presentation


Claire M. Spillman, Craig Steinberg, Jessica Benthuysen, Mike Herzfeld, Hemerson Tonin, Scott Bainbridge, Richard Brinkman, Chari Pattiaratchi, Felicity McAllister and Mark Baird, William Skirving, David Wachenfeld and Rachel Pears

Monitoring & Modelling this Summer's Extreme Temperatures on the GBR leading to a Mass Coral Bleaching Event on the Great Barrier Reef

Abstract     Presentation


Eric C. J. Oliver, Véronique Lago,

Alistair Hobday, Neil J. Holbrook,

Scott Ling, Craig Mundy

Identifying historical marine heatwaves off eastern Tasmania with a regional ocean model

Abstract     Presentation     


Ming Feng, Ningning Zhang, Jens Zinke

Climate drivers of marine heatwaves in the southeast Indian Ocean








Theme Nearshore and Coastal (Chair: Ryan Lowe)


Ian Turner, Tom Beuzen, Mitch Harley, Matt Phillips, Kristen Splinter, Josh Simmons

40-Years of coastline monitoring at Narrabeen: the value of observations to beach process modelling

Abstract     Presentation


Alexander Atkinson, Hannah E. Power, Theo Moura, Tim Hammond and Tom E. Baldock

Variability and accuracy of wave runup predictions by empirical models on the NSW and QLD open ocean coastline

Abstract     Presentation


Ryan Lowe, Jeff Hansen, Graham Symonds, Mark Buckley, Andrew Pomeroy, Gundula Winter, Laura Elena Segura, Mike Cuttler, Edwin Drost

Improving predictions of nearshore processes and shoreline dynamics for beaches along Australia’s rocky and coral reef coasts

Abstract     Presentation


Michael Kinsela, David Taylor, Sean Garber, Joanna Burston and Ed Couriel

NSW Nearshore Wave Transformation Tools: Towards an Improved Understanding of Coastal Wave Climates

Abstract     Presentation


Jason Antenucci, Simon Mortensen, Caroline Lai and Thomas Uhrenholdt

Operational Nearshore Models for Australian Waters



Ian R. Young, S. Zieger and A.V. Babanin

Development and application of a global satellite database of wind and wave conditions

Abstract     Presentation


Mark Hemer, Stefan Zieger, Tom Durrant, Julian O’Grady, Ron K. Hoeke, Kathleen L. McInnes and Uwe Rosebrock

The Australian Wave Energy Atlas

Abstract     Presentation


Yasha Hetzel, Ivica Janekovic, Charitha Pattiaratchi, E.M.S. Wijeratne, Aron Roland

Resolving wave effects on storm surges with an unstructured high resolution 2-way coupled surge-wave model for Australia

Abstract     Presentation


Diana Greenslade, Justin Freeman, Holly Sims, Frank Colberg, Stewart Allen, Eric Schulz, Mirko Velic, Prasanth Divakaran, Jeff Kepert, Andy Taylor, Andrew Donaldson, Jason Brownlee Rick Bailey, Mikhail Entel

Development of an operational coastal sea-level forecasting system

Abstract     Presentation





Mark E. Baird, Mathieu Mongin, Jenny Skerratt, Karen Wild-Allen, Emlyn M. Jones, Mike Herzfeld, Nugzar Margvelashvili, Farhan Rizwi, Barbara Robson, Cedric Robillot

eReefs marine modelling: an inter-governmental agency collaboration providing management-relevant estimates of ocean state and the impact of river loads.

Abstract     Presentation


Gary Brassington, Narendra Tuteja, Greg Stuart & Jamie Treleaven

eReefs: an integrated catchment and coastal forecasting system for the Great Barrier Reef

Abstract     Presentation


Tim Moltmann, John Gunn, Jan Flynn, Andreas Schiller, Louise Minty, Roger Proctor, Peter Oke, Moninya Roughan, Emlyn Jones

A National Ocean Modelling System for Australia – what could it look like?

Abstract     Presentation





Dr Ian Poiner, IMOS Advisory Board Chair 

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Poster session


7.00 - Late  Dinner - The Parlor 16 Kendall Ln, ACTON ACT 2601

12th October 2016

Theme Polar Dynamics (Chair: Ben Galton-Fenzi)


Craig Stevens, Stefan Jendersie, Alison Kohout, Pat Langhorne, Natalie Robinson & Mike Williams

New Zealand Initiatives on Ice-Ocean Interaction: Polar Ocean Processes from Ice Shelves to the Marginal Ice Zone

Abstract     Presentation


Andy Hogg

Consortium for Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA)

Abstract     Presentation


David E. Gwyther, Ben K. Galton-Fenzi, Michael S. Dinniman

Complications in ice shelf-ocean modelling revealed through idealised simulations

Abstract     Presentation


Bishakhdatta Gayen, Mainak Mondal and Ross W. Griffiths

High Resolution Simulation of Dissolving Ice-shelves in Sea Water

Abstract     Presentation


Jason L Roberts, Ben Galton-Fenzi, Greenbaum, David Gwyther, Steve Rintoul, Young, Carson, Blankenship, Siegert

Airborne Antarctic Oceanography



Leo Peters

Mapping ocean stratification and seafloor bathymetry beneath Antarctic ice shelves: a seismic approach

Abstract     Presentation


Ben Galton-Fenzi

The state of regional polar modelling








Theme BGC and Ecosystems (Chair: Julia Blanchard)


Simon Jennings

Keynote: From primary production to fish production; role of ecological and environmental processes

Abstract     Presentation



Andrew Lenton

Past and future changes in Ocean Acidification around Australia

Abstract     Presentation


Helen Macdonald, Niall Broekhuizen, Mark Hadfield, Joanne O'Callaghan, Graham Rickard

Modelling of biogeochemical dynamics in New Zealand shelf seas

Abstract     Presentation


Jennifer Skerratt, Claire Davies, Mark E. Baird, Anthony Richardson, Mathieu Mongin, Karen Wild-Allen, Ruth Eriksen, Barbara Robson

Phytoplankton and zooplankton in the GBR: Insights from IMOS NRS observations and the eReefs model

Abstract     Presentation


Iain M. Suthers, James Smith, Jason D. Everett, Anthony Miskiewicz, Anthony Richardson and Ana Lara-Lopez 

Long-term observations of weighted temperature-salinity habitats of larval fish in the western Tasman Front: seasonal, species and family level patterns

Abstract     Presentation





Paulina Cetina-Heredia, M. Roughan, G. Liggins, A. Jeffs, M.A. Coleman

Developing models to predict East Rock Lobster larval dispersal along NSW

Abstract     Presentation


Martin P. Marzloff, Eric C.J. Oliver, Neville Barrett, Neil J. Holbrook, Lainey James, Simon Wotherspoon, Craig R. Johnson

Differential vulnerability of deep-reef habitat-forming organisms to Climate change

Abstract     Presentation


Stuart Corney, Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, Andrew Constable, Rowan Trebilco and Mike Sumner

Integrated ecosystem modelling in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean

Abstract     Presentation


Julia Blanchard, Ryan Heneghan, Jason Everett, Rowan Trebilco, Anthony J. Richardson

Modelling the size spectrum: from individuals to ecosystems and from bacteria to whales

Abstract     Presentation




Theme  End user applications in oceanography (Chair: Emma Sommerville)


Glenn Nolan, V. Fernadez, E. Buch, P. Gorringe, D. Eparkhina


EuroGOOS member services to operational oceanography end-users in Europe.

Abstract     Presentation


Scott Condie, Rebecca Gorton and Karen Wild-Allen

Decision support tools realizing the potential of physical and biogeochemical modelling

Abstract     Presentation


Charles James, Paul Sandery, John Middleton, Trent Mattner, Shane Roberts, Kirsten Rough, Henry Ellis, Ana Redondo Rodriquez

eSAMarine, Phase 1:  Developing a now-cast/forecast system for Australia’s Southern Shelves

Abstract     Presentation


M. Herzfeld, F. Rizwi and M. Baird

RECOM : A RElocatable Coastal Ocean Model

Abstract     Presentation





David Griffin, Mark Hemer, Charles James and Mike Herzfeld

What do we mean by "Surface Current"?



O Makarynskyy, D K Williams

Assessing fluxes through oceanic boundary of Darwin Harbour

Abstract     Presentation


David Williams, Neil Smit, and Justy Siwabessy

Coastal Observing Systems in Support of Harbour Operations and Water Quality Management and Habitat modelling, Northern Territory, Australia






Wrap up


Poster List

Boundary Currents

Jessica Benthuysen, Hemerson Tonin, Michael Herzfeld

Freshening events and hypersaline conditions in the Central Great Barrier Reef

Nina Ribbat, Moninya Roughan, Brian Powell

Mean circulation on the continental shelf off South-East Australia 31.5-34.5: The Hawkesbury Bioregion 2012-2013

Amandine Schaeffer, Moninya Roughan, Tim Austin, Ben Hollings, Edward King, Alessandra Mantovanelli, Stuart Milburn, Benedicte Pasquer, Charitha Pattiaratchi, Robin Robertson, Dennis Stanley, Iain Suthers, Dana White


Mean hydrography on the continental shelf from 26 repeat glider deployments along Southeastern Australia

Helen Beggs, Chris Griffin, Leon Majewski, Edward King and Janice Sisson

IMOS sea surface temperature products suitable for near-coastal applications

Poster (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Boris Kelly-Gerreyn, Chris Tingwell, Sergei Soldatenko, Peter Steinle, Robert de Maid & Agnes Lane

Fit for Purpose Marine Observations - using models for data impact studies and network design

Poster (PDF 3.5 MB)

Boris A. Kelly-Gerreyn, Brian Ingham, Jane Warne, Helen Beggs & Eric Schulz

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology's core marine observing networks

Poster (PDF 2.0 MB)

Phil Reid, Bernadette Sloyan, Claire Spillman and Rob Argent

SST in Australia EEZ

Robin Robertson

Surface Mixed Layer Dynamics, Winds, Tides, and Vertical Mixing Parameterizations in the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)

Sarath Wijeratne, Charitha Pattiaratchi and Roger Proctor

ozROMS - a high resolution16 year re-analysis product for Australian and Indonesian Seas

Peter R. Oke, Tatiana Rykova, Bernadette Sloyan, Susan Wijffels

Guidance for glider deployments in an energetic western boundary current: East Australian Current example

Madeleine Cahill and Hugo Bastos de Oliveira Monitoring Coastal Upwelling using Altimetry: a Feasibility Study
Gabriela Semolini Pilo, Peter Oke, Tatiana Rykova, Richard Coleman and Ken Ridgway   Spatial patterns of eddy vertical speed using a global eddy-resolving model output 
Matthew R. Archer, Moninya Roughan, Shane Keating and Amandine Schaeffer  Meandering of the East Australian Current at 30ºS

Nearshore and Coastal

Hua Xiao Wang

Effects of dredging and its spoil dumping on suspended-sediment dynamics: Observation and numerical simulation in Darwin Harbour, Australia

Youn-Jong Sun, X H Wang, Donghui Jiang

A coastal upwelling by wind-driven forcing in Jervis Bay, NSW: A numerical study of 2011

Joshua Simmons, Mitchell Harley, Kristen Splinter, Ian Turner

Coastal erosion model calibration and validation: a critical evaluation utilising observations from a data-rich coastline

Shivanesh Rao, Moninya Roughan, Nina Ribbat

Understanding the influence of freshwater discharge in Sydney Harbour and the Hawkesbury Bio-region

A. Zhong, Neal Moodie, Stefan Zieger and Diana Greenslade

Operational wave modelling and forecasting in Australia

Oleg Makarynskyy, David K. Williams, Dina Makarynska, Andrew P. Negri

Using data from NRS Darwin for improved hydrodynamic and hydrocarbon spill modelling assessments

Poster (PDF, 1.1 MB)

BGC and Ecosystems

Karen Wild-Allen, Scott Hadley, John Andrewartha

Anthropogenic nutrient dynamics in the Derwent and Huon Estuaries in southeast Tasmania

Carlos Rocha, Christopher Edwards, Colette Kerry, Moninya Roughan

Towards biogeochemical modelling of the EAC system

Barbara Robson, Jenny Skerrat, Mike Herzfeld, Karen Wild-Allen, Mathieu Mongin, Emlyn Jones, Nugzar Margvelashvili, Murray Logan, Britte Schaffelke

Evaluating a marine model for the Great Barrier Reef: from time-series to emergent properties

Jamie Treleaven, Luke Garde, Edward King and Greg Stuart

Marine Water Quality service for the Great Barrier Reef

Vivian Yeung, Jason D. Everett, Anthony J. Richardson and Iain M. Suthers

Quantifying the oceanographic and seasonal patterns of zooplankton size-structure at the IMOS National Reference Stations

Jason D. Everett, Anthony J. Richardson, Mark E. Baird and ZOOM Task Team

Bridging the zooplankton gap between models and observations: The IMOS Zooplankton Ocean Observations and Modelling Task Team (ZOOM)

Mark Brown Microbial Species Distribution Models reveal the decadal scale dynamics of the oceans unseen ecosystem engineers

Polar Dynamics

Phil Reid and Rob Massom

Antarctic coastal exposure

Robin Robertson

Tidal Effects in the Amundsen Sea

Wilma Huneke, Andreas Klocker, Ben Galton-Fenzi

Heat transport across the Antarctic Slope Front

Madelaine Rosevear, Ben Galton-Fenzi, Mark Rosenberg Basal Melting of Antarctic Ice Shelves

End user applications in oceanography

Craig Stevens, Joanne O’Callaghan, Mark Hadfield, Ben Knight, Peter McComb, Ross Vennell and Stephen Chiswell

A New Initiative for Connecting Observations and Modelling in the Central New Zealand Zone

Poster (PDF, 8.8 MB)

Aurel Moise, Tim Pugh, Ben Evans

Community Research Services – The Australian Climate and Weather Science Virtual Laboratory

Hemerson Tonin, Craig Steinberg, Richard Brinkman and Elizabeth (Libby) Evans-Illidge

Improving water security for Great Palm Island – a preliminary study towards implementation of desalination plant.

Greg Hibbert and Andy Taylor

Research dialogue to connect global ocean forecasts with Dynamic Under Keel Clearance® services

 Tim Ingleton

Mind the gap: building towards a completed high-resolution nearshore digital elevation model and bathymetry for improved management of the NSW Coast