Your access to the IMOS AUV data discovery and exploration is through the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal.

Data collected by the AUV consists of stereo imagery, multibeam sonar, vehicle navigation and water chemistry observations.  All data products are precisely georeferenced using state-of-the art terrain-aided navigation algorithms.  Optical imagery is delivered as individual high resolution, colour corrected images (geotiffs) and also in processed form, as mosaics and 3D seafloor reconstructions.

Example Data

These are sample Mosaics from Ningaloo marine park, Western Australia showing sponge beds in 80m of water.  The AUV was maintaining an altitude of 2m, giving a 1.5m swath, and traveling at 0.5m/s.  Each mosaic is composed of 40 images captured at 2Hz and represents a 10m transect.

Further optical imagery collected by the AUV Sirius in Australian waters can be found through the AUV Image Viewer.