• Climate Science collaboration takes to the sea on ship’s maiden voyage

    Australian scientists venturing into the Southern Ocean aboard the Marine National Facility’s RV Investigator tomorrow will go armed with world-leading technology for understanding the basic forces driving climate change.[more]

  • Missing ocean glider discovered after two years

    An IMOS underwater research device called an ocean glider, which was missing for two years, has been found in the Perth Canyon, 60 km off the coast of Western Australia.[more]

  • IMOS ocean observations underpin unique post-graduate course in Sydney

    The Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) Ocean portal is a valuable resource for researchers and others with an interest in ocean measurements such as currents, temperature, salinity and animal movements. A post-graduate...[more]

  • AUV deployed to examine the benefits of a no-take marine reserve off Tasmania's wild southwest coast

    The research is comparing the marine life and seafloor habitat in fished environments with those found within the Tasman Fracture Commonwealth Marine Reserve (CMR) southeast of Tasmania.[more]

  • Modelling of ocean currents gives swimmers the edge at ‘Rotto’

    Just before Western Australia’s iconic ocean event, the Rottnest channel Swim, hundreds of individuals, eager to get the edge on their competitors, took a peek at IMOS Ocean Current’s forecast of currents between the mainland and...[more]

  • Long-range movement of bull sharks revealed

    This discovery was facilitated by use of data from the network of acoustic receivers around the coast of Australia deployed as part of the IMOS Animal Tagging and Monitoring Facility.[more]