• Searching for the canaries of the marine world

    The extensive marine observing capability of IMOS is playing a key role in an exciting new project on marine microbes. Bioplatforms Australia, another NCRIS capability like IMOS, has instigated a pioneering investigation into the...[more]

  • International report confirms: 2014 was Earth’s warmest year on record

    IMOS data from Argo floats and ocean gliders contributed to NOAA's State of the Climate report published last week.[more]

  • Sea level in the western equatorial Pacific drops dramatically

    There is further evidence that 2015 is shaping up to be an El Niño year. Low sea levels observed in the western equatorial Pacific could indicate a very strong El Niño event this year.[more]

  • Marine animal tracking featured in ‘Science’

    Hi-tech tracking tags are redefining how we discover, understand and manage ocean life.[more]

  • Marine Matters issue 21 now available

    The latest issue of the IMOS newsletter, Marine Matters, is available to download via the website.[more]

  • Investigator finds a 'Freddy' (a frontal eddy) in East Australian Current

    Frontal eddies ('freddies') are small, short-lived, rapidly-rotating cyclonic (clockwise) eddies that form inshore of the main flow of the East Australian Current (EAC).[more]