The advent of new sensor technology has enabled a number of new bio-geochemical and bio-optical sensor packages to be deployed on Argo floats. Besides temperature and salinity, the most common new sensor to be deployed on floats is the dissolved oxygen sensor. Globally, 411 Argo floats have been equipped with dissolved oxygen sensors. The rationale and science planning for Argo Oxygen is described in The Argo-Oxygen whitepaper presented to the Ocean Obs 09 conference in Venice,  Italy. Currently, there are no agreed methods for quality controlling data from Argo dissolved oxygen sensors. There are also issues surrounding calibration and sensor drift. There is an Argo Oxygen Working Group that is working towards providing an agreed methodology and pathway for providing quality Argo oxygen data.  Oxygen data are not currently considered as part of core Argo and therefore additional funding is required to support this program.