How to acknowledge Argo data:

Since Argo data are made freely available we ask that where Argo data are used in a publication or product, the following acknowledgement is given:

"These data were collected and made freely available by the International Argo Program and the national programs that contribute to it.  (,  The Argo Program is part of the Global Ocean Observing System."

In addition if you are using Argo data from Australian floats please add the following acknowledgment:

“Australian Argo data was sourced from the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) - IMOS is a national collaborative research infrastructure, supported by Australian Government.”

If you plan to use or are using Argo data, the Argo Steering Team requests that, as a courtesy, you inform the groups responsible for the floats that you are using of the type of study you are undertaking.  You can find who to contact by going to, selecting the quick link "Platform" and entering the WMO or Telecom ID.