Profile Data


Each Argo float is identified by a unique identification number called a WMO ID. WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) ID Numbers are assigned to measurement stations and observing platforms to enable researchers to keep track of, and uniquely identify their floats.

Argo floats provide measurements of temperature and salinity of the upper 2000m of the water column at 10 day intervals. These float measurements reveal the detailed structure of the ocean beneath the sea surface. When not profiling, the floats drift with the ocean currents at a particular "parking" depth (usually 1000 m for Australian floats) also enabling estimates of deep current velocity to be obtained.

The figures below show some of the different data types that can be derived from Argo floats. These plots are for Argo float with WMO ID=5901166 which was deployed off Western Australia and which has drifted in the Leeuwin Current that flows southwards along the West Australian coast. The first plot shows a time series of salinity with depth and the second plot shows a time series of temperature with depth.