Lady Amber Deployments


New deployment opportunities to maintain the array are being explored with the charter of a sailing ship.  The Lady Amber is a 38 tonne, 20 metre, South-African flagged Schooner operated by a crew of four. She is currently under charter to CSIRO (through JCOMMOPS) and is deploying around 69 floats for Australia in the Indian Ocean on a voyage that will last 4-5 months in total. Her first leg involved a transit from Cape Town to Mauritius. Float deployments scheduled between Mauritius and the Seychelles were curtailed by increasing pirate activity in this sector of the Indian Ocean. The US and Australian navies are helping international Argo to deploy floats in this region and to fill gaps opening up in the array.

The current voyage track for the Lady Amber is shown in the Google Earth map below and as you can see the Lady Amber is covering a large part of the north-eastern Indian Ocean over the next few months.