Previous Plans and Reports

NCRIS 2013 Funding Agreement and Project Plan

In the May 2013 Federal Budget, new funding of $185.9 million over two years (2013-14 – 2014-15), for the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) was provided.  The funds will support the operation and maintenance of the most critical projects established by earlier investments from NCRIS and the Super Science Initiative.  A key activity over these two years will be an evaluation of projects funded under NCRIS and Super Science to inform long-term funding and decisions.  This funding is in addition to the $60M already allocated under CRIS ($40M in 2013 and $20M in 2014).

IMOS was subsequently awarded $18.372M, which together with CRIS funding $7.2M and unspent NCRIS and EIF funds meant that we were able to submit a two-year plan (July 2013-June 2015) to the Department, for Commonwealth funding $34.55M and co-investment $53.73M – total $88.28M. 

For more information download the following documents: 

NCRIS Project Plan.pdf

IMOS NCRIS 2013 Project Plan with additional info Dec13.pdf 

IMOS NCRIS 2013 Funding Agreement signed 2Aug2013.pdf

In support of these documents each Facility (and where relevant, each Sub-facility) provided an individual Project Plan, which were agreed in early 2014 ahead of entering into subcontracts with each of the Operators for the funded work.  The Facility Plans are available here.

Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (CRIS) Planning Process

CRIS overview (further detail is provided here)

The Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (CRIS) is a scheme recently established by the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. The scheme will provide $60 million (redirected from other research block grants) to support the operation of critical national, collaborative research infrastructure facilities up to 31 December 2014.

Applications for funding under CRIS are due by COB Friday 2nd November 2012.

CRIS Application Form and Process (further detail is provided here)

The CRIS application form can be downloaded here.

IMOS Process and Timetable

IMOS (through UTAS) is eligible to apply for CRIS funding and intends to submit an application.  This will cover the 12 months from July 2013 to June 2014, and an additional six months to December 2014.
The IMOS office will develop the application in consultation with Operators/Facilities, and will seek input from the Node Steering Committee and approval from the IMOS Advisory Board.
All queries about the CRIS process should be directed to the IMOS Director (tim.moltmann(at) or the IMOS Project Manager (jo.neilson(at)
The timetable for application development, approval and submission can be found here.

IMOS CRIS updates can be downloaded here.

NCRIS Funding Agreement and Project Plan

The IMOS Funding Agreement between DEST and UTAS, May 2007.

To download click here.

EIF Funding Agreement and Project Plan

The IMOS Funding Agreement between DIISR and UTAS, 2010

The EIF Project Plan was submitted to DIISR on 26th February 2010. The Project Plan was accepted by DIISR in April 2010.

To download the Final EIF Project Plan click here.

In support of this document each Facilitly provided an individual Project Plan. To download these click on the Facility name below.

Argo Australia
Ships of Opportunity (SOOP)
Australian Bluewater Observing System (ABOS)
Australian Facility for Ocean Gliders (ANFOG)
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
Australian National Mooring Network (ANMN)
Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network (ACORN)
Australian Acoustic Tagging and Monitoring System (AATAMS)
Facility for Automated Intelligent Monitoring of Marine Systems (FAIMMS)
eMarine Information Infrastructure (eMII)
Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS)
IMOS Office

IMOS Five Year Strategy

The IMOS Five Year Strategy was developed during late 2009 as part of the EIF Planning Process. It is being redeveloped into a Decadal Strategy (2011-20) in line with Strategic Roadmapping for Australia's Research Infrastructure. A draft IMOS Decadal Strategy is now available for comment.
After consultation with the IMOS community and stakeholders it will be approved by the Advisory Board in September 2011.

IMOS Five Year Strategy 2009-13

DRAFT IMOS Decadal Strategy 2011-20

IMOS EIF Planning Process

Following the Budget announcement in May 2009, the University of Tasmania signed a contract with DIISR by June 24, including the Interim IMOS EIF Project Plan for $8M in 2009/10 and a requirement to develop a final plan covering the full $52M plus co-investment by 28 February 2010.  To view the Milestones and steps to achieve this please click here.

Mid Term Review

In 2008 IMOS completed a Mid-term Review.

To view the documents associated with the process and the final report click here.