Deep Water Moorings


The Deep Water Moorings facility (also known as the Australian Bluewater Observing System or ABOS) provides the coordination of national efforts in the sustained observation of open ocean properties with particular emphasis on observations important to climate and carbon cycle studies.  The major areas of research driving the facility include; tracking multi-decadal ocean change and predicting regional and marine impacts; understanding the modes and drivers of climate variability in the Australian region; improved understanding and prediction of ocean currents; and discovering the links between ocean and climate variability, marine chemical cycling and ecosystem structure and function at various time scales.  The Deep Water Moorings facility is comprised of a number of moorings located in Antarctic, sub-Antarctic and Tropical open-ocean waters around Australia.  Depending on location, each of these deep water moorings is equipped with particular instrumentation to measure desired variables and to cope with local conditions.  Operation of the Deep Water Moorings facility is spread between three sub-facilities;