• Latest bioacoustic tracks from FV Antarctic Discovery provide unique data to IMOS

    Since July 2010, the IMOS Bio-Acoustic Ships of Opportunity (BASOOP) sub-facility has been delivering calibrated (now multi-frequency) water column acoustic data to characterize ocean basin scale distribution and seasonal...[more]

  • Investigator heads to Southern Ocean for climate research

    Australia’s national bluewater research vessel, the RV Investigator, has left Hobart for the Southern Ocean to gather data that will help us understand the impacts of ocean-atmosphere interactions on climate processes.[more]

  • Intrusive upwelling in the central Great Barrier Reef

    The central Great Barrier Reef (GBR) has an open reef matrix along the outer-shelf compared to the north and south which presents more as a true barrier. [more]

  • National IMOS community gathers in WA for annual meeting

    Each year the IMOS community from across Australia gets together to review the previous year, share achievements and challenges and collectively look to the future. This February, the eleventh annual IMOS meeting was held in...[more]

  • Seals on the job for IMOS for ten years now

    This southern summer, IMOS Animal Tracking Facility scientist Clive McMahon and his team intend to tag 15–20 seals at Davis research station in Antarctica. These animals will carry state-of-the-art oceanographic tags for a year,...[more]

  • Undercurrent exhibition opens in Hobart

    Artist Diane Masters has been inspired by plankton in her current exhibition[more]