• IMOS AUV captures an unusually large group of Port Jackson sharks in the Beagle Commonwealth Marine Reserve

    Hundreds of the distinctive, dark-striped sharks were massed on the sandy seafloor among low rocky reefs covered with brightly coloured sponges.[more]

  • New SST images with Himawari-8 – coming soon!

    IMOS OceanCurrent has developed 4-hour composite Sea Surface Temperature (SST*) based on the Bureau of Meteorology’s experimental Himawari-8 product. The first images are very promising.[more]

  • Increased collaboration from increased data access

    A new collection of online tools and resources, the Marine Sciences Cloud, aims to foster best practice and increased global research collaboration by transitioning researchers to more powerful and flexible data analysis...[more]

  • Data from the IMOS Animal Tracking infrastructure is highlighted in a special issue of Marine and Freshwater Research 

    The special issue showcases the important role that acoustic telemetry plays in the management of aquatic systems across Australia, and highlights how the IMOS acoustic telemetry network helps to achieve this.[more]

  • Celebrating IMOS at the recent AMSA conference

    Darwin recently played host to the annual meeting of the Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA), the peak body representing some 700 marine scientists across the nation. [more]

  • Marine hotspot off Tasmania most intense yet, more damaging heatwaves to come

    A new study published in Nature Communications reports on the intense marine heatwave that occurred in the Tasman Sea in 2015/16, using data from the Maria Island National Reference Station and ocean surface circulation data from...[more]